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Barcelona Resident

Barcelona Resident is a student hall of residence located in the Born district of Barcelona. We provide flexible accommodation options as well as a personal service to make you feel at home. The building itself has been designed to create a perfect balance of living spaces to ensure guests can have their privacy but enjoy a busy social life at the same time. There is a place and a time to study in peace, to have some leisure time and to meet people from all over the world. We provide quality, safety and comfort so that your experience away from home is an unforgettable one.


And the icing on the cake is that we work in partnership with professionals from the hospitality business, including some very sweet food connoisseurs! We are members of Barcelona’s Pastry Chef Guild, the Chocolate Museum and the Barcelona School for Pastry Chefs. By staying at Barcelona Resident, you get a free ticket to visit the most delectable museum in the city: the Chocolate Museum!


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Barcelona Resident’s Partnerships

The Barcelona Pastry Chef Guild is an institution that was founded in 1901. It represents, protects and promotes the professional interests of its members who are artisans in patisserie, confectionery, baking, chocolate and ice-cream making. The Pastry Chef Guild is formed by the Barcelona School for Pastry Chefs, the Chocolate Museum and Barcelona Resident.

The School of Pastry Chefs is a member of the Barcelona Guild and it is renowned worldwide. It was set up in 1975 and has gained international prestige due to the success of the courses it provides. These include full academic programmes, masters and specific courses within the patisserie sector, to train professional chefs or business managers within this industry.

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The Barcelona Pastry Chef Guild set up a Chocolate Museum to give people the chance to stop for a moment to really smell, explore and taste chocolate. The museum promotes the benefits and value ​​of chocolate as well as the world of patisserie confection. It is one of the city’s most popular cultural outings as it provides a range of activities for the whole family and schools.

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Institutions in partnership with Barcelona Resident